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Enro Hotel Website

August 07, 2017
Vision Spring Micro Finance Website
Vision Spring Micro Finance Website
August 07, 2017 eCommerce Website eCommerce Website
August 07, 2017
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Company: Enro Hotel provides accommodation, bar and restaurant services.

Situation: Enro Hotel clients used to call or visit the Hotel offices directly in order to access any of their services. This was a limitation for some of the potential clients especially those who were out of the country or far from where it is located.

Task: In 2015 Enro Hotel hired me as a Software Developer and Consultant to develop a website that would enable them showcase their services online but most importantly, make the information easily accessible to potential clients and get bookings.


Action: Together with Enro Hotel representatives, we brainstormed, iterated through various prototypes and phases and built a website called

Results: Currently Enro Hotel uploads information about their services on their website, where clients can book online. This website has not only cut down costs for the Hotel, but also for their clients who used to spend money to get information on their services. These services are now online and can be accessed from any part of the world. Queries from clients are now also answered in time, through the contact page and bookings feature.


Website: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery


Please Note: In 2018 Enro Hotel started to fully manage their website in regards to upgrades and further customizations.


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