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August 08, 2017
Sereka Construction Company Website
Sereka Construction Company Website
August 08, 2017
Uganda Safari Experts: Tours and Travel Website
Uganda Safari Experts: Tours and Travel Website
July 28, 2018
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Company: N / A

Situation: For over 3 years I had been developing software solutions and websites for many businesses and companies in Uganda. My project portfolio had grown steadily and whenever I met new clients, they were interested in viewing my works. With no portfolio website at the time, I opted to always email a list of links to my online projects, which meant that my prospect clients would not know about my offline projects. This became a bigger challenge when my old clients and friends found it difficult to recommend my skills besides passing on my phone contact and email address, instead of a website link to my portfolio. Due to the absence of my online portfolio, I lost some potential clients because they probably wondered how a web developer did not have their own website showcasing their work!

Task: In 2017 (It was about time) I had to build my website to showcase a portfolio of my creative work online to earn my place as a reputable Software Developer and Consultant not only in Uganda, but globally.


Action: (The hunter being hunted) I took my time and built a website that not only represents me as a passionate software developer and consultant, but also as a human being. My portfolio website currently showcases all my previous, ongoing and upcoming projects.

Results: In a world where people are looking for the "best software" to simplify an aspect of their everyday life and who can develop it, one needs to grow their brand as the go-to or preferred and trusted developer. My portfolio website has and continues to help me grow my personal brand as a credible Software Developer and Consultant, through showcasing my projects online and free software tools.


Web Application: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery


Looking to hire a Software Developer? Let’s Talk!

Thanks for taking the time to contact me. Please send me some information about your project so I can determine how best to help you. Preferably include a timeline as well as your budget. After a few emails to confirm I’m a good fit, we’ll schedule a quick phone call to review your project and get to know each other.