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MyFreeGoodies Movie Streaming Website

August 07, 2017
Annual ICT Expert Summit Website
Annual ICT Expert Summit Website
August 07, 2017
T-DavisWesley Law Firm Website
T-DavisWesley Law Firm Website
August 07, 2017
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Company: Anonymous.

Situation: A client who preferred to keep their identity anonymous wanted to create an online movie streaming and download platform. As a movie fanatic, I was excited to bring this site to life.

Task: In 2016 they hired me as a Software Developer and Consultant to develop an online movie streaming and download platform.


Action: Together with the anonymous client's representatives, we brainstormed, iterated through various prototypes and phases and built a web application called

Results: Currently the anonymous client uploads and manages all their movies to where movie lovers can stream and watch movies online as well as download videos to watch offline.


Web Application: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery


Please Note: MyFreeGoodies recently merged with another company and they had to close their site.


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