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August 07, 2017
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August 02, 2017
JFloyd Consult Corporate Company Website
JFloyd Consult Corporate Company Website
August 07, 2017
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Company: is an elearning platform that provides free education resources to students in primary and secondary school in Uganda.

Situation: As a young boy eager to learn all I could I was sent to the best schools my mom could afford and there, I was introduced to something that would later determine my career. A computer. Having experienced and witnessed how exhausting and expensive it is for a student in Uganda to prepare for the school exams, I set out on a mission to make this revision process not only easy, but exciting. Fast forward years later, at the age of 21, I brought together a team of friends and we set out to develop the first of two e-learning platforms in the country at the time.

Task: With a team of like-minded friends from both the arts and science field, a decision was made not to re-invent the wheel, but build an eLearning platform, customized for the Uganda student with free education resources accessible 24/7.


Action: Having gone through the Ugandan education system, my team and I went through weeks of brainstorm and prototyping as we started development of our eLearning platform. A lot of consultation meetings with teachers and education specialist were done to give guidance on the content to include on the site. In 2014 we launched with a quiz engine, e-library and virtual reality science labs among other eLearning features.

Results: Currently brings students from over 50 schools in Uganda to the eLearning platform for free revision and career guidance material. This online platform has provided an easier way for students to access education material that would ideally cost them thousands of shillings.

Project Highlight: was nominated at #ACIA2015, an innovations competition organized by the Uganda Communications Commission under the category 'ICT for Development'. This category award recognizes the best ICT solution that have been developed to address any of Uganda's challenges in Education, Health, Agriculture, Environment sustainability, Government services, ICTs for the disadvantaged.


Web Application: ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery


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