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PM Live Today Mobile App

August 02, 2017
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August 07, 2017
image1: PM Live Today Mobile Application.

PM Live Today


Company: Wizarts Media is a content production company in Uganda specializing in radio and TV content.

Situation: In 2014, Wizarts Media came up with this great idea to create 'PM Live Today' a daily news digest with stories filed by correspondents in different parts of Uganda. The finished news digest would be put up as podcasts on SoundCloud and a link shared with their listeners in and outside of Uganda via email and social media platforms. As exciting as this was, Wizarts Media found limitations with this distribution model when it came to adding more content to back-up their audio clips with pictures and news brief text. Wizarts Media needed a solution that would stream line the distribution of PM Live Today.

Task: In 2015 Wizarts Media hired me as a Software Developer and Consultant to develop a PM Live Today mobile app. The mobile app would curate all their news in an organized way that was more appealing and easy to access by their listeners with pop-up notifications whenever a new digest was posted.


Action: Together with Wizarts Media representatives, we brainstormed, iterated through various prototypes and phases and built a News API and a cross platform mobile application called PM Live Today that runs on android, ios and windows phones.

Results: Wizarts Media is now able to upload all their PM Live audio podcasts, images and news briefs from a central repository (News API) and all their news listeners can now listen to the news by simply downloading the PM Live Today app on any of the app stores. Since the Mobile app was launched, analytics show that Wizarts Media was able to tap a huge following from the diaspora, hungry to hear news from back home.

Project Highlight: In 2015 PM Live Today was recognized with the Best National Digital Content Award at #ACIA2015, an innovations competition organized by the Uganda Communications Commission.


Hybrid Mobile Application: PhoneGap, JavaScript, jQuery HTML, CSS


Please Note: Wizarts Media pivoted PM Live Today and they are currently not posting news.


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