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PM Live Today Mobile App
August 02, 2017
image1: RadioBasket Home Page.
image2: RadioBasket Analytics Dashboard.


Company: Wizarts Media is a content production company in Uganda specializing in radio and TV content.

Situation: As a content production house, Wizarts Media produces high quality radio programs and sells them to its wide network of over 100 radio stations. Once upon a time, these radio programs were produced and burned onto CDs. These were later loaded onto buses and shipped to the different radio stations in the different parts of Uganda. Not only was this process time consuming and expensive, it also disrupted the station programming when the CDs arrived late or damaged in transit.

Task: In 2016 Wizarts Media hired me as a Software Developer and Consultant to develop an eportal that would work as a distribution channel for their high quality radio programs and all audio content.


Action: Together with Wizarts Media representatives, we brainstormed, iterated through various prototypes and phases and built a web application called RadioBasket.

Results: Currently Wizarts Media uploads all their radio programs to where radio stations download ready-to-air programs. This easy-access to radio content has helped expand their station network, with more stations coming on board. With the large number of subscribers and heavy traffic to the site, I customized an analytics dashboard for RadioBasket that is used to monitor all activity on the site. RadioBasket has saved Wizarts Media time and millions of shillings in transport.

Project Highlight: In 2017 RadioBasket was recognized with the Best National Digital Content Award at #ACIA2017, an innovations competition organized by the Uganda Communications Commission.


Web Application: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery


Please Note: In 2019 Wizarts Media started to fully manage in regards to upgrades and further customizations.


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