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Uganda Safari Experts: Tours and Travel Website Creative Portfolio Website Creative Portfolio Website
August 08, 2017
Car Rental Price Comparison Website
Car Rental Price Comparison Website
January 23, 2023
image1: re-designed home, menu and about pages.
image2: re-designed online booking and payment process with cart and checkout.
image3: old home, menu and contact pages.


Company: Exclusive African Safaris is a tours and travel company in Uganda.

Situation: Exclusive African Safaris provides holiday destinations and car rental services to both local and foreign tourists. They had been connecting with their clients online via, a website that was developed in 2014 and had not been updated in over 4 years. Running on obsolete technologies exposed their website to security risks and also hurt their search engine rankings because overtime, search engines advanced their ranking algorithms which gave higher precedence to websites that run on latest technologies. This was a big challenge considering many of the prospective clients search the internet for their next holiday or honeymoon destination.

Task: In 2018 Exclusive African Safaris hired me as a Software Developer and Consultant to re-design into a modern, secure and more appealing website that would enable them showcase their services online, as well as make the information easily accessible to potential clients. Also part of my task was to see that the site is search engine optimized to enable people find it easily.


Action: Together with Exclusive African Safaris representatives, we brainstormed, iterated through various prototypes and phases and revamped

Results: With their fresh new website up and running, Exclusive African Safaris is able to compete favorably with other tours and travel websites on the internet offering the next big holiday package. Their clients trust the new secure website and are now able to perform online money transfers as they book tours. The revamped website’s analytics provide insights to the Exclusive African Safaris team on what services clients prefer, which helps management to make informed decisions and improve these services to serve their clients better.


Website: WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery


Please Note: In 2019 Exclusive African Safaris started to fully manage their website in regards to upgrades and further customizations.


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